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We are open to nearly any kind of work with a few provisos: watch the profanity, the blood and guts, the icky details of bodily functions. We’re not the best place for your graphically violent horror stories, your erotica, or your language experiments run amok. As for now, we are not looking for scholarly articles or reviews – but that may change.

Submit up to three previously unpublished poems in one file in an attached word document (.doc). Long poems are ok. Separate poems clearly by titles.

Submit up to 5,000 words. Novel excerpts are ok as long as they can stand alone.

Artwork and Photography:
Submit black and white or full color files.

We, like all other magazine editors, are looking for the best, and like all other editors, we’re long on expectation and short on definition. We are looking for the distinctive stamp of a real personality – observing, deliberating – engaging with the sometimes overlooked or inconspicuous aspects of our multifarious world. We are not crazy about language jumbles that blare but don’t amount to much beyond their own noise. But we do like audacity. We’re not particular about style, but we warn you: we lean towards meaning of some sort. We also don’t much like poems about first loves and break ups, unless they transcend their own solipsism and offer something to everyone else. We are wary of the overly arch, overly precious, overly artsy piece, but we’ll take all comers and read for your resonant moments. Just keep in mind: A great line does not a whole poem make.

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Closed to Submissions During August and September.
Writers: please note that we are currently closed to submissions. We will reopen on October 1st.  We look forward to reading your work after this date.

To submit your work:

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